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London: a place to learn

London is often called the capital of Europe. Considering it is the largest city in Europe with the biggest multicultural community this is not so strange. Next to that, this city is also an international trade hub where business thrives every day. No day is the same in this city of fashion, culture, design and business.

But did you know that London is also a great place to learn a new skill such as a new language for example? Whether you want to re-fresh your knowledge of Spanish or start a new language such as Japanese it can be a lot of fun to enhance your linguistic skills.

Why you should consider..

Just picture yourself living in the centre of town, enjoying the hustle and bustle of the big smoke.  During ten weeks you will enjoy city life with all its charms. Rummage the Sunday markets, discover hidden lanes and indulge yourself in the nightlife. London is a great place to live and it only gets better once you get to know the city like a local.

What will you be doing..

During the day you will enhance your language skills in a small group of twelve pupils. You will study the grammar, spelling and pronunciation, which you put in to practice straight away during group projects.  The classes are often very interactive and they include lessons about the culture and heritage of behind the language as well.

Why London..

Apart from all the great things London has to offer, there is another reason why you should consider a language course in London. There is no city within the UK that hosts such a large community of people from different backgrounds. So when you are out in the pub you might actually meet someone from Japan, Italy or Spain who would gladly speak to you in their native language. This automatically enables you to put your academic knowledge in to practice and will strengthen your determination to master your language of choice.

What will I do after my course..

Make new friends during your stay in London and travel around the UK for while after you have finished your course. You will most probably meet a lot of international students that would like to travel around the country, which is a great opportunity to explore Great Britain further. Good old Blighty has more to offer than you can think of and somehow, international people always know where to go.

So instead of booking an expensive holiday this year immerse yourself in a new city and a new language. There are many schools that offer private language courses in London such as UIC London. Have a look around the internet before picking a particular one and also think of the language you want to study.  Make sure you pick a course that also immerses you in the culture behind the language. If you enjoy reading about Eastern culture or you have a passion for Japanese food it might be a good idea to choose a course in Japanese because you are more likely to use the language afterwards. How nice would it be if you could visit Japan next year and speak the language?

So when you are trying to figure out your next holiday destination think about the UK and about starting one of the many language private courses London. You will not only learn a great new skill, you will also get to know a lot of new people to travel and explore London with.

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